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Life Updates/Starting a new journey

Well, it has been a little over a year since I wrote a blog post on this page. It has been a very crazy year, but one that I am coming to terms with and finding my peace. We’ve had several life updates, so let’s see if I can hit all of them in one post.

  • A changed her major from BioChemistry to Political Science with a minor in Criminology
  • B started high school
  • A moved home in January while she looks for an apartment with her friends
  • B played football in the fall until he broke his collarbone
  • A has been a member of SGA her whole college experience and added EPC (the student group that plans all the events) this semester
  • B threw shot and discus for the high school track team
  • B also managed to grow at least a foot this year (no lie, I really think it is a foot)
  • A did not get taller, but did get a cat that she promptly named Adderall Steve Burnt Toast Addycat (we call her Addy for short)
  • I surprised David by going to get a puppy (yes, we are still married)
  • Summitt (the new puppy) is a great pyrenees and has gone through the first step of training for the eventual goal of being a therapy dog
  • UT beat Bama in football (and we were there)
  • Huge changes got made to the program that I am in charge of at work
  • David and I sold our part of the gym (not what we wanted to do, but the choice that we were given because we weren’t “all in”)
  • We went to Disney right before Christmas
  • I took on a few more things to do since I am no longer having to spend every spare minute doing gym stuff
  • David rejoined our old CrossFit gym
  • I started writing another book
  • We have all started to try to achieve some new habits
  • I’ve been to California twice
  • Our podcast has gotten some new equipment
  • David is writing articles for JEMS
Daisy and Summitt in the floor of the home office
Summitt (10 months old) and Daisy (11 years old) hanging out in the floor of the home office

I think that is everything, but I’m sure I’m missing something. I guess I will move on to the starting a new journey. No, I am not leaving where I work. This is a new personal journey. I have been to a surgeon and am working on all the steps to have weight loss surgery soon. I’ll be having a Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass, probably around the end of August. I am excited and nervous, but also learning how to not be disappointed that my body won’t give up weight. This is definitely NOT the easy way out of being overweight, but it is the way that I am going to go. I have a lot of reasons behind doing this, and I’ll post those on another post soon. I have questioned whether or not I should go public with what I am doing, but I decided that for me to truly change my mindset about myself, I have to be vulnerable. So, there it is. Laying it out for the whole world. I’m going to try to post more often on here (one of those new habits). This has always been a running commentary of what is in my head when I sit down to write, so don’t expect that to change. Regardless of anything else, this will probably still be a funny place that hopefully makes people feel better.