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Pushing beyond your comfort zone…

I feel like I am constantly talking about this, but I also think it is one of the most important things we can do as people.

This week starts the CrossFit Open, for the second time this year.  The Open is changing format, and that has created a second Open in just a few short months.  For the past 3 years, I have diligently signed up and participated in the Open, and I am actually a little sad that I can’t this year.

I am not what most would consider the typical CrossFitter, and while I will never find myself sitting on top of the leaderboards, that isn’t really what the Open is all about.  You see, for 5 short weeks, the whole CrossFit world makes wild guesses about the workouts, watches announcements with baited breath to see what the next thing they will have to do is, and then gathers en masse in the local CrossFit box (looking at you, Mossy Creek Fitness) to workout and cheer on friends that feel more like family as we all push through whatever torture Dave Castro has come up with for that week.

You see, the Open is the time when CrossFit shows what it really is that makes it special and different from other types of fitness.  It is the time when we come together as a community, regardless of anything else going on, and spend our time encouraging each other and pushing beyond the limits that we have envisioned ourselves as having.  Sometimes it is just a physical limitation we thought we had, sometimes it is the thought of stepping out and working out in front of people instead of in the back of the room, sometimes it is even the fear of being the one that looks like they don’t belong.  I know this because I have personally experienced all of these, but the Open is the time when we are able to move beyond those limitations that we have imposed upon ourselves and come together as a community.

So, while I can’t participate in the Open this time because of illness (stupid mono), I will be there cheering on my friends as they push past the limits to become even better versions of themselves.  If you haven’t signed up, get signed up this week at, and for a few short weeks experience people putting everything aside to come together as a community.  Break your own record, do something you’ve never done, step outside of your own fears.  If you have never experienced CrossFit, find your local box and try it out.   If you’re in my area, I have a great one you should check out.

Until next week, keep inspiring others.

Barbell Love

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